Truce reached among fighting climbers on Everest

KATHMANDU: A mountaineering official says a truce has been reached between three foreign climbers and Nepalese Sherpa guides who were involved in a fist fight on Mount Everest. However, two of the foreigners returned to Nepal´s capital and were undecided if they would quit their climb.

Tilak Pandey of the Mountaineering Department said a truce was reached at base camp between the foreigners — an Italian, a Briton and a Swiss — and the Sherpas on Tuesday.

Nima Nuru of Cho-Oyu Trekking, who equipped the expedition, said the Swiss and British climbers flew to Katmandu by helicopter Wednesday and the Italian was also planning to return.

Nepalese officials are investigating the fight as both sides accuse each other of starting it.