UML is the most opportunist political party: NC Vice-chairman Poudel

Ram Chandra Poudel

DAILEKH: Nepali Congress second in command Ram Chandra Poudel, who hinted at the polls alliance with the CPN-UML for the upcoming CA elections, has said that the UML is the most opportunist political party in the country and forging the polls alliance with the semi-communist would be a suicidal case to the NC.

Poudel was speaking at a cadres meet program at Rakam of Dailekh on Thursday. But, he said options were open to forge the polls alliance with other democratic political. Poudel also termed the UML as the political party sans political thoughts and bases.

“There is no meaning of poll alliance with the opportunist political force. The NC will get a clear majority in its own strength and we will draft a democratic constitution,” Poudel fumed against the UML.

After addressing the program, Poudel has left for Kalikot while the top leaders of the CPN (UML) are in Dailekh today to address a mass meeting at the district headquarters, Dullu.