I had a great desire to have a child with Aamir: Kiran Rao

KATHMANDU: Kiran Rao, 39, the second wife of Amir has said he was keenly attracted to Aamir Khan and wanted to have a baby with him. “I am not really maternal but had a great desire to have a child with Aamir,” she said.

Rao is an Indian film producer, screenwriter, and director. Kiran Rao was born into a Brahmin family from Bangalore on November 7, 1973. She was raised in Kolkata where she attended Loreto House and La Martiniere Calcutta.

She said she was attracted to Amir’s sense of humour and his knowledge and the way he looks at things. “We both get affected by a certain kind of politics or intolerance. Aamir is able to get lost in what he is doing, which I am unable to. I am obsessed with Azaad and wonder what I was doing before him. While for the first ten months I did everything for him, I have now slowly extricated myself and have started thinking on what I want to direct next, though I have never been in a hurry,” she shares.

She further says that he likes more one-on-one company and can go hours without talking and she is not driven and had a tendency to procrastinate and was able to do whatever she wanted to do but it is with a little bit of meandering. “Aamir helped me clarify my creative ideas and open up my mind. I am quite lucky to have worked with him in many projects. He has a unique head,” she praised Amir.