Nepali teacher Dorje Gurung accused of insulting Islam released from Qatar jail

KATHMANDU: A Nepali former Qatar Academy chemistry teacher Dorje Gurung held on charges of insulting Islam has been released from jail, Doha News reports.

Gurung is expected to leave Qatar soon, according to his colleagues, who said they won’t breathe sighs of relief until that happens. The teacher has apparently been given assurances that the charges against him will be dropped.

Gurung, who was fired from QA last month over remarks he made to students, was set to fly out to his native country of Nepal shortly thereafter. But those plans were derailed after he was picked up on May 1 and held at the Al Rayyan police station for 10 days.

According to Gurung’s colleagues, the teacher had been responding to harassment from the students and jokes about his nationality by asking something to the effect of, how would you like to be stereotyped, i.e. called a terrorist?