Saudi Arabia grants amnesty to undocumented migrant workers

KATHMANDU: Saudi Arabia has granted amnesty for thousands of undocumented migrant workers to leave the country.

Around 60,000 undocumented Nepali migrant workers are working in Saudi Arabia. Likewise, many women are working as housemaids despite the Nepal government’s ban on women’s entry in Saudi as the domestic workers.

After the Saudi Arabia’s announcement, the Nepalis working illegally could find other option to work legally or return home.
This is the time the Saudi government granted amnesty and called on all illegal migrants to go home.

The Saudi government had first prepared to grant amnesty some two months ago.

Nepalis Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, who is in Nepal this week, said this announcement was a chance to many undocumented Nepalis migrant workers to legalize their status or return home safely.

Saudi Arabia is one of the top destination for Nepalis migrant workers. Currently, over 400,000 Nepalis are working in different status in Saudi Arabia.