Regmi pledges impartial and independent CA elections


KATHMANDU: Chairman of the Interim Election Council Khilaraj Regmi has said that the incumbent government is committed to hold impartial, fair and independent CA elections.

Regmi pledged that he will not compromise with the fairness and neutrality of the elections with anyone while speaking to a delegation of journalists led the Reporters Club Nepal’s President Rishi Dhamala on Thursday at his office in Kathmandu.

” We are eager to announce the date for CA polls. There is not alternative other than it to ensure the future of Nepalese people, political parties and Nepal,” Regmi said on the occasion.
Regmi said that CA elections is the only means to end political transition in Nepal and added that he was in continous consultations with political parties to hold elections at the earliest.

Appreciating Reporters Club Nepal’s initiative to pile pressure on political parties to hold CA elections at the earliest, Regmi said that the government is presently discussing legal provisions with political parties and would announce a date for CA elections as soon as political parties agree on the CA elections laws.

Speaking on the occasion, Dhamala said that the Club will continue its efforts to preserve democracy and human rights in the country and keep the leaders reminding of their primary responsibility to draft the new constitution.