Tongue twister Upendra says no chance of CA poll

madheshi janadhikar forum Nepal chairman Upendra yadav

KATHMANDU: Chairman of Madhesi Janadhikar Forum (MJF)-Nepal Upendra Yadav has said that there is a very slim chance of CA election happening in Nepal as claimed by some political parties and government.

In an interview with Reporters Club’s Chairman Rishi Dhamala for RD Show, a popular TV talk show in Himalayan TV, Yadav said Chairman of the Interim Election Council Khil Raj Regmi should quit his Chief Justice post to create an enviornment for poll.

“Khil Raj Ji should quit from the post of Chief Justice to make favorable environment for polls,” he said.

He further went to say that end of the four-party syndicate and election without threshold for parties’ representation in the CA should be fulfilled to ensure election.