Is really CA election possible on November 19?

Nepal technocrat government interim electoral

KATHMANDU: The government on Thursday announced the November 19 as the date for holding election to the second constituent assembly (CA).

The government also formed a five-member constituency delimitation commission led by former justice at the Supreme Court Tahir Ali Ansari giving a-month term to the panel that consists of geographer, sociologist and expert on administrative field.

Major four political parties have lauded the latest government decision as for them the CA election was the only option to end the current deadlock. But, opposition parties including CPN-Maoist, Upendra Yadav-led Madhesi Janadhikar Forum and some other political parties are hellbent to foil the election claiming that this election would not solve the country’s deadlock.

However, the announcement comes as a surprise to them who never believed that the Khil Raj Regmi-led government is not going to hold the CA election.

But, many believe that this CA election is not going to happen as success of the CA would not lie on sidelining a major force in Tarai i.e Upendra Yadav, a major force of people’s war the CPN-Maoist and indigenous and ethnic communities.

Meantime, the another opinion is also equally strong. People of this camp say that a democracy cannot be strong until election was conducted and some minor grievances should be taken not so seriously in the process.

The leaders of major four political and government minister are often saying that agitating parties including Mohan Baidhya has no other option to join the election mission. If they are ready to join the election campaign seriously, some of their demands could be addressed.

Even on Thursday evening, Minister for Information Madhav Poudel said that the government has not even  thought the the Baidhya-led Maoist would boycott the CA election, a sovereign body to empower the people.

But, one thing is for sure that the CPN-Maoist would face serious clash in the party regarding the party’s participation in the election. Some leaders including Ram Bahadur Thapa, Dev Gurung, Pampha Bhusal, Hit Man Shakya and others are in favor of using the election while others are flatly opposing the idea saying that the parliamentary system has totally failed.

The state of confusion in the CPN-Maoist would be matter of great relief of sigh and political advantage to the UCPN-Maoist that is strongly advocating the election for long.