Addressing to the nation, Khil Raj says CA election is his prime goal

KATHMANDU: Chairperson of the Interim Election Council of Ministers Khil Raj Regmi has urged all political parties and civil society to make the upcoming election to the Constituent Assembly (CA) a success.           

Addressing the nation on Friday, Regmi said prime goal of the government was to successfully hold the election and the government was fully committed to its mission. 

The Chairperson also urged all voters to engage actively in the process of forming the Constituent Assembly using their franchise rights on the election date the government recently announced.           

Chairman Regmi has urged all the political parties dissenting over the formation of the incumbent government and opposing the election with various demands to immediately come for talks to resolve the problems.  He specially urged the parties to hold mutual discussions and clear the differing views and thereby help the government create an atmosphere conducive for the election. 

He said that taking the leadership of the election government was not his personal interest or ambition; rather he took such responsibility for the sake of the people and nation.  His statement came in the context when taking charge of the post of government head and Chief Justice by the single person was being publicly criticized. 

Stating that he had been working in judiciary for the past 41 years and he was honest and dedicated to his profession, Chairman Regmi said honesty and impartiality were the ideologies of his life. “My sole target is to conduct the Constituent Assembly election in a free, fair and impartial atmosphere,” he said.