Nepal comes to stand still as dissenting political setups call nationwide band

KATHMANDU: Nepal came to a standstill on Sunday after 42 dissenting political parties took to streets and log jammed transportation, industries and public utilities.

CPN Maoist, Federal Democratic Morcha and Federal Socialist party among others of the 42 political parties brought the nation to a stand still expressing dissatisfaction over the announcement of the CA election date.

Educational institutions, factories offices have remained close since morning in the capital and across the nation. Secretary of the CPN Maoist, Dev Gurung, said that press and hospital vehicles and other means that transport vital services will be allowed to ferry on the roads.

Security across all roads have been beefed up since morning.

The 42 party alliance has been protesting against the formation of the incumbent government and the 11 and 15 point agreement between major political parties and have demanded that they would not hold talks with the government unless both of agreements are scrapped.


Gurung informed that the band will be called off from 6 in the evening today.