Water level marks highest in Mahakali River

KANCHAPUR: The water level in the Mahakali River was measured the highest so far due to incessant rainfall for the last three days in the Far-Western Development Region.

According to the measurement taken at 7:00 am today, the flow of water in the river has reached 461,000 cusec.

The mobility on the Mahakali Bridge connecting Nepal and India at Banbasha of Kanchanpur district has been stopped following the rise on the water level in the River.

The local administration used to close the bridge for vehicles once the river water crossed the 100,000 cusec mark.

Meanwhile, the locals in Odali, Piraiya, Bhujela areas of the Bhimdutta Municipality are urged to be alert as the areas were in high risk of flooding, said Brikh Bahadur Rawal, Sub Inspector at the District Police Office, Kanchanpur.

Rawal said some of the areas were already inundated while the River has been eroding land on the Nepali side.

Similarly, Ward Nos. 7, 8 and 9 of Dodhara VDC across Mahakali River have also been completely inundated. As many as 60 households from Shantitole of Dodhara-8 have been displaced as the there were high risks of inundation of the settlements, said Pappu Gurung, a local.

Locals from the inundated area have already left their homes and headed to the safer place after the flood water entered the settlements in Dodhara.

Likewise, the flood inundated Ward No. 3 and 4 of Chandani VDC.

The river water of local rivers including Doda, Sanbora, Syali Rivers has risen that Parasan, Laxmipur, Rampur, Bilashpur, Shankarpur, Pipaladi, Dekhatbhul VDCs are also at high risk of inundation in the district.

Sanbora River eroded Dakaniya and Ranipur are of Pipaladi, Doda River eroded Tilaki, Ja of Dekhatbhuli, Daya Amarpur Camp of Krishnapur, Kanja, Parsia of Shankarpur here while Syali River eroded land around Freed Kamaiya Camp of Kalagaudi, according to locals.

District Police Office has reported that the administration is yet to ascertain the details of loss due to the flood and inundation.