Flood in India sweeps away 6 Nepalis

KATHMANDU: Six Nepalis have been swept away by monsoon flooding in Uttarakhand, India, recently. The boys from Jajarkot district had gone to India in search of job after some months ago.

Going to India in search of a seasonal job is a common practice in west Nepal. Dal Bahadur Singh, who was also in the team while going to India from the village, two months back informed the victims’ kin over phone.

The Nepalis youth were swept near Kedar Dham, a famous religious site in India. Abhi Bahadur Singh, Ganesh Bahadur Singh, Bakhath Bahadur Singh, Dhirendra Bahadur Singh, Birendra Bahadur Singh and Hari Bahadur Singh of Talegaun of Jajarkot district. All the deceased youth hail from the same locality