I have worn out many Bhoto than Gyanendra: Rajeshwor Devkota

KATHMANDU: Senior politician Rajeshwor Devkota has claimed that the upcoming CA election scheduled for November 19 would be an exercise to provide license to promote many Lendup Dojres in the country.

Popularly known as L. D. Kazi he became the first Chief Minister of Sikkim in 1975 after annexing Sikkim to India.
At an interaction in Reporters Club on Thursday, Devkota also claimed that there was no relevance of CA that is going to be held without any goal.

He also forecast that the upcoming CA would also face the same fate of erstwhile CA.

On the occasion, Devkota also announced Nationalist Revolution Campaign and claimed his campaign would be common forum for 140 political parties, civil society and activists.

He, however, said that his campaign was not for establishing a monarchy. “I have worn out many (Bhoto) clothes than former king Gyanendra. I am not raising issues for him,” he added.