Roundtable meeting is likely, Gachhadar says

KATHMANDU: Chairman of Madhesi People’s Rights Forum (Democratic) and coordinator of the High-Level Police Committee (HLPC) Bijay Kumar Gachhadar has said that the roundtable conference of all parties represented in the erstwhile Constituent Assembly (CA) could be conducted provided that Nepal’s hardline CPN-Maoist comes on board CA election.

But, bringing all political parties in the name of roundtable conference was unlikely, he argued.

Speaking at an interaction organized by Reporters Club today, Gachhadar claimed that the four-party HLPC was positive to ensure participation of all parties in the upcoming CA election.

The government has already announced the poll date for November 19.

The program was chaired by Club’s Chairman Rishi Dhamala.

He also said that the other parties could be represented in the HLPC as the cost of holding the CA election in the slated date adding that the country should not be kept in hostage just by few parties skip the election.

Saying that Upendra Yadav and Ashok Rai were positive to take part in the election, Gachhadar claimed Mohan Baidhya and his fellow comrades were also comparatively flexible.

He also informed that plans were afoot to expand the United Democratic Madhesi Front.

“However, no talk has been held with Upendra Yadav so far in this regard, ” he added.

“You will know the result of Front’s expansion within few days,” Gachhadar claimed.