Queen Ella? King Terry? What’s in a royal name?

London: Way back in the mists of time, when schoolkids were expected to learn seemingly endless lists of facts off by heart, they chanted a poem to remember the names of England’s kings and queens.

“Willie, Willie, Harry, Ste,” it began. “Harry, Dick, John, Harry three / One, two, three Neds, Richard two / Harrys four, five, six, then who?” It then ended with the most recent monarchs: “Edward seven, George and Ted / George the sixth, now Liz instead.”

Of course, it’s not done that way any more, but if it were, which name would make it into the next verse? We know that “Charles” and “William” will follow “Liz,” but which name will follow theirs?

As the due date for William and Catherine’s eagerly-awaited baby nears, speculation is growing as to what they’ll call the newest addition to the royal family. Will they pick a name that has already featured in that schoolroom poem?

“William and Kate are very much a couple of the 21st century but I think they will stick to traditional names, in keeping with the past,”Kate’s biographer Claudia Joseph told CNN.

Currently sitting at the top of the list for a girl is Alexandra, with bookmakers offering odds of 7/2 or 4/1 in favor of the new baby being named after the wife of King Edward VII, Queen Elizabeth II’s grandmother.