Regmi -led govt to go up to four years, Sitaula says

Krishna Prasad Sitaula

KATHMANDU: General Secretary of Nepali Congress (NC) Krishna Prasad Sitaula has warned that this government could stay as long as four years if its alternative was sought.

Speaking at an interaction in Reporters Club on Sunday, he said alternative to this  government could not be sought as this government as formed to hold the CA election in the country.

“New government will not be formed. This government will go until CA election was held,” he added.

During the program presided over by Club’s chairman Rishi Dhamala, Sitaula said that the four party were ready to accept all conditions putforth by CPN-Maoist except the mixed electoral system and change of the government.

“Roundtable conference could be accepted easily,” the NC leader said.