Leaders divided on diplomatic decency over top leaders’ meeting with Indian Minister

KATHMANDU: UCPN (Maoist) wannabe secretary Top Bahadur Rayamajhi has claimed that the hardliner CPN-Maoist has not strength to disturb the upcoming CA poll as they don’t have even a single cadre to reach the voting center.

At a program in Reporters Club today, Rayamajhi said that the there is no meaning of CPN-Maoist coming for talks as the party’s has decided for the people’s revolt. 

Instead of holding talks with the CPN-Maoist, other parties and government should prepare for polls by evaluating the hardliners’ power to disturb the poll. 

The program was chaired by Club’s Chairman Rishi Dhamala. 

He went on to say that there is no meaning of convincing them for poll as the army, armed police force and Nepal Police have reported that the CA election is possible despite the Baidhya-led party’s boycott.

He, however, said that bringing the dissenting parties in poll process would be better if they agree.

“Main thing is election. 11-point agreement and 25-point order, four-party mechanism will have no effect,” he added. 

At a time when the almost all sections of society were condemning the former prime ministers for meeting the Indian External Affairs Minister in his hotel, the UCPN (Maoist) leader claimed that the issue of protocol will not be applicable for the former prime ministers in such cases. He claimed that the former prime ministers have also met the sitting ministers even in many foreign countries, he argued.

He said, “President, Chairman of Council of Ministers and Minister for Foreign Affairs met with Indian External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid by arranging protocol,” headed.

There is no meaning of protest and sloganeering for nationality without knowing the rules,” he claimed.

Likewise, central leader of Nepali Congress Dr Minendra Rijal said that the CA election will be held at any cost despite the boycott of the CPN-Maoist. But, efforts to bring them on board the election should be continued, he added.

Saying that no force will run in benefit if election was not held in November, Dr Rijal said that it will be appreciable if Baidhya-led Maoist come for election even by considering the suggestions from China, India or from anywhere.

The debate of protocol with the meeting of Indian External Affairs Minister is worthless, he claimed.

Also speaking at the program, CPN (UML) leader Bhim Rawal said continued talks and discussions were necessary with the CPN-Maoist as serious talks were not held with the agitating parties so far.

There is no meaning of poll boycott by the parties that consider people as the supreme powerful.

Reasoning that holding a round table conference was not a big deal, Rawal added reaching the destination was more important.

He, however, said that the major leaders of the country have exposed their meanness by meeting with Indian minister against the protocol adding that leaders’ meeting with the Indian minister at his hotel will degrade leaders’ heights.

Similarly, Chairman of Rastriya Janamorcha Chitra Bahadur KC said that election will be held in November after decision of holding a round table conference and increasing the seats for proportional electoral system.

He said the Baidhya-led Maoist’s victory was not possible at any cost if they disturb the election at backdrop of India and China supporting the CA election, he chided.

KC opined that the concerns of dissenting parties should be fulfilled to ensure CA election through intensive talks.
“Totalitarianism will return if CA election was not hold. People should come on streets again,” he cautioned.

He claimed that national pride has been lowered due to the meeting of the top leaders to the Indian External Minister at his hotel yesterday.

He argued that the leaders met Khurshid thinking that their future will remain secured even by forgetting the diplomatic decency.

No leader went to Darchula to meet the flood victims but all went to meet Khurshid in a hotel,” he made satire.

Also speaking at the program, Chairman of Sanghiya Sadbhavana Party Anil Kumar Jha said election should be conducted by November 19 by fulfilling all demands of the dissenting parties except to postpone the election.

He also said that meeting the Indian leaders was not a big deal and there was no meaning of protocol.