New budget should focus on agriculture: Former NPC Vice-chair Deependra Bahadur Kshetri

KATHMANDU: Former Vice-chairman of the National Planning Commission Dr Deependra Bahadur Kshetri has said that the targeted economic growth rate would not be achieved until focus was paid in agriculture in the new budget.

“The youths leaving for foreign jobs should be retained by giving continuity to youth self-employment program,” he said.

Speaking at an interaction in the Reporters Club today, Kshetri who is also the former Governor of the Nepal Rastra Bank said good programs of the previous government should be continued without any prejudices otherwise estimated economic growth rate will not be achieved.

The program was presided over by Club’s Chairman Rishi Dhamala.

Likewise, economist Dr Bishambhar Pyakurel has said that the new budget would add to pain to the people instead of giving relief.

He said the new budget would bring nothing new programs for reform as the government itself was not independent to bring a full budget. “This will be a ritualistic budget, ” he said. 

He also claimed that Nepal’s economy was mobilized by some unseen power and suggested that the government should not stop bringing new budget just by the President told the finance minister to bring a partial budget.

He said government should bring programs to expedite capital expenditure and control excessive price hike.

Likewise, Senior Vice-President of Federation of Nepalis Chambers of Commerce and Industry Bhaskar Raj Rarkarnikar said a full budget with government policy and programs should be brought and warned to take to the street if such budget was not unveiled.

He also said that continuity of the old budget will not be acceptable to the private sector.

Similarly, economist Dr Madan Dahal said the government should work actively against black marketeering and to lure the private sector.

He said a chemical fertilizer company should be established in the PPP model as agriculture should be prioritized to develop the nation.