Baburam rules out rift in UCPN (Maoist)


KATHMANDU: UCPN- Maoist leader Dr. Baburam Bhattarai has said that there was no truth on the rumor that he quitted the vice chairmanship of the party due to an internal dispute of the party.

Talking to central office-bearers of the All Nepal National Independent Students Union- Revolutionary at his residence Sanepa to pile pressure to withdraw his decision of discarding the post, Bhattarai said he discarded the post to maintain rule of law in the party and to prove that the greed of post is not good in politics.

Bhattarai said that there was no any dispute in the party and he was ready to fulfill any responsibility of the party, said Vice Chairman of ANNISU – Revolutionary, Jagrit Rayamajhi, quoting Bhattarai.

He also clarified that there would be a special contribution from his side to make the party united and disciplined.

Central Committee of ANNISU – Revolutionary submitted a memorandum to Bhattarai urging him to withdraw the decision of quitting the post.