Mahantha Thakur roots for constitution with identity

mahanta thakur

BIRGUNJ: Terai Madhes Democratic Party (TMDP) chairman Mahantha Thakur has said that federal constitution motivated by social diversity, inclusion and civil political culture was essential for sovereignty, dignity and identity of all the Nepalis.

Addressing the first national gathering of Terai Madhes Democratic Teachers’ Union here Saturday, he said federalism along with ethnic identity was the need of the hour and for this Constituent Assembly (CA) election should be held at any cost.

Our party is committed to making the upcoming CA election scheduled for November 19 successful, he said, underlining the need of ensuring the representation of all Nepali people in every social apparatus.

Federalism that recognize the identity of one and all, their culture, religion and language and ensure freedom of all citizens was essential, he said.