NC’s Singh slams Prachanda for not managing party disputes

prakashman singh

KATHMANDU: Nepali Congress General Secretary Prakash Man Singh has called on UCPN Maoist supremo Puspa Kamal Dahal to manage differences within party before even thinking about leading the nation.

Speaking at a function in Bhaktapur on Sunday, Singh said that a man (pointing to Dahal) who has failed to resolve his party’s internal differences and pushing his party for a general convention within 6 months of the general convention should not aim to lead the nation.

He even claimed that such a person is not eligible to hold the reins of the nation at the program organized by his party’s district chapter.

Responding to queries regarding his party’s stance on federalism, and identity, he said that the party will endorse a federalism which will support identity but will also demote conflict.

On the occasion he caused the UCPN Maoist and the Madhesh based parties of promoting regionalism and ethnicity and defaming the very concept of federalism in their political campaigns.

He opined that people who have provided wrongful and misleading explanation of federalism have created anti-federalism wave across the nation.