Maoist leader pledges to foil CA elections even by aligning with Ex-King


KATHMANDU: CPN Maoist spokesperson Pampha Bhusal has warned that her party will even align with former monarch Gyanendra Shah to disrupt the proposed Constituent Assembly elections if the major political parties and the Regmi led government pushed through the election without addressing her and other disgruntled political parties demands.
Speaking in an interview taken for the Himalayan Television by Rishi Dhamala, to be aired on Saturday night at 9 pm, Bhusal said that her party would not endorse the CA elections unless the 11 and 25 point understanding reached between the four major political forces was scrapped.

She said her and other disgruntled parties will participate in the CA elections only after a new government is formed through round-table conference between all political parties.

” We won’t participate in the CA election in status quo under any circumstance, we will foil the CA elections at any cost,” Bhusal said claiming that they would forge alliance with the former King to save Nepal from the Sikkimization.

Bhusal opined that the second CA election is not an home grown agenda of major political parties and claimed that her party would support the agenda that was forced by India upon major political parties.

On the occasion, UCPN Maoist spokesperson Agni Sapkota however said that the proposed CA elections will be held at any cost.

Sapkota however said that the High Level Political Mechanism is ready to address the demands of the CPN Maoist and other disgruntled parties if they pledged to participate in the CA elections proposed for November.

However he specifically made it clear that the 11 and 25 point agreement will not be scrapped under any circumstances.