Leaders at Reporters Club say all should come together to ensure CA poll

KATHMANDU: Nepali Congress leader Dr Shekhar Koirala has claimed that CA election in Nepal could not held at any cost until four major political parties, agitating parties and the international force come together.

Speaking at an interaction at Reporters Club, he said November 19 CA election is not likely as four major parties have not come at a point as yet now.

Club’s Chairman Rishi Dhamala presided over the program.

Suspecting that four parties were not wishing the CA election, the Nepali Congress leader said Prachanda is talking to chase away the poll opposing from the village, Baburam Bhattarai’s provocation against the former king Gyanendra Shah’s relief distribution and other issues have proved that the UCPN (Maoist) is not wishing the CA election to happen.

He also claimed that resignation by Khil Raj Regmi from the post of Chief Justice and increasing the proportional seats in the CA would force the Upendra Yadav led Madhesi Janadhikar Forum Nepal and Ashok Rai led party to join the election and their participation would force the CPN-Maoist as well.

Likewise, UML leader Pradip Gyawali said that doubts galore regarding the November 19 CA poll due to rising numbers of dissatisfied groups, increasing activities of armed outfits in Tarai and behaviours of Maoists and Madhes-based parties.

He, however, said that the CA election should be conducted on November 19 at any cost and the government and other parties should be maximum flexible to address the issues of agitating parties.

He also said that statement of joining hands together with the former king by the CPN-Maoist was thier ideological deviation and added that this would do no good for the country.

Similarly, Chairman of CPN(United) Chandra Dev Joshi said the country was plunged into crisis though the President, four parties and the judiciary were in the same line.

He opined that the CA size should be kept 601 and Regmi should resign from the post of Chief Justice.