Bird flu found again in three Bhaktapur poultry farms

Bird Flu in Nepal Kathmandu

BHAKTAPUR: Chickens at three more poultry farms in Bhaktapur district have been confirmed to be infected with bird flu (H5N1) virus.

Bird flu was found in the chickens at the GJ Poultry Farm at Nakhel -2, at a poultry farm owned by Bimal Dhimasu at Lakulachhe in Bhaktapur Municipality and at the poultry farm owned by Krishna Ram Chhushyabaga at Bageshwari VDC in the district, the District Livestock Service Office, Bhaktapur stated.

The birds at these farms have been culled at the instructions of the Chief District Officer Himnath Dawadi after the veterinary laboratory at Tripureshwar confirmed bird flu infection at these three farms on Tuesday evening.

A team of veterinarians killed 5,220 chickens and destroyed 850 kilogrammes of feed at these farms on Tuesday night.

Chief District Officer Dawadi has instructed the District Livestock Service Office and the police to keep a round-the-clock watch and adopt strong measures so that the infected chickens and eggs are not smuggled out.

Chickens at the Himal Poultry Farm at Sipadol-2 were culled before this on Saturday after the confirmation of bird flu infection.