Communist ruined the nation, Sushil Koirala blames

Sushil Koirala in India

NEW DELHI: Nepali Congress President Sushil Koirala has said that the political parties that attempt to foil the election would be boycotted by the people.

At a program organized in his honor by the Nepali Janasamparka Samiti, the India-visiting leader said that none can stop the election from happening in the slated time frame.

Koriala said that environment for CA poll has been created and nationwide campaigns were being held in the war footings.

He also made it clear that India, China, USA, European Union and all international community were for timely election in Nepal.

The NC President also seemed hopeful to the party’s majority. “NC is the only party committed to nationality, democracy and socialism. People have understood this. The communists ruined the country by keeping people in illusion for long.”

Also present at the program were Nepali Congress General Secretaries Prakash Man Singh and Krishna Prasad Sitaula and other NC leaders active in India.

On the occasion, Singh and Sitaula said that the NC would stand victorious in the upcoming CA election and draft a democratic constitution in the country.

They also hoped that the agitating parties would come the election process as talks were initiated for the same.