Election constituencies to remain unchanged

Chairman Regmi receiving the report submitted by Tahir Ali Ansari

KATHMANDU: Despite a hue and cry to increase the total number of election constituencies, the constituency delimitation commission has submitted its report to the government recommending no change in 240 constituencies.

However, areas, VDCs and some geographical adjustments are made in the constituencies.

Mainly, the Madhes-based political parties were pitching for constituencies increment in the southern plain based on population.

Earlier for the first CA election, 102,040 populations were accounted for a constituency in Tarai/Madhes region while the number for a constituency in hilly region was 94,372.

Similarly, the first CA election had kept intact the previous 205 constituencies and added 35 constituencies nationwide reaching 240.

It is said the CDC decided to keep the previous provision intact after the demand to increase constituency number based on population in Tarai/Madhes.

CDC Spokesperson Tekraj Dhungana said submitting report was itself a significant deed and now the onus to implement its recommendations lies on government and Election Commission.