Sushil Koirala and Bihar’s Nitish Kumar agree to resolve problems relating to Koshi and Gandak high dam

Sushil Koirala in India with india's external minister khurshid

KATHMANDU: Nepali Congress President Sushil Koirala and Chief Minister of the Bihar State of India Nitish Kumar discussed ways to resolve the problems of inundation caused as a result of the Koshi and Gandak dams during a meeting at the latter’s residence in Patna on Thursday.

In the two hour long meeting along with dinner organized in honour of NC President Koirala, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said as inundation is a common problem Bihar was ready to work together to resolve the problem, according to Koirala’s assistant Laxman Dhakal.

Matters relating to controlling trans-border crime were also discussed during the meeting.

On the occasion, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said he hoped that Nepal takes the path to prosperity, stability and peace through the CA elections in November 19 and added that India was ready to extend necessary cooperation towards that end.

In response, the NC President said the CA election will be held in November 19 and urged for support in the security in the border area.

Earlier, NC President Koirala offered garlands at the statue of BP Koirala at the Golghar.

The NC President is returning Kathmandu from Delhi this afternoon.