Nepal should draft a constitution through CA at the earliest: BJP Leader Ravishankar


KATHMANDU: Visiting influential Indian political leader Ravi Shankar Prasad has said India was looking forward for Nepal to hold CA elections at the earliest and draft the new constitution at the earliest.

Prasad, who is foreign affairs department chief of the Bharatiya Janata Party and Deputy leader of the party in Indian Rajhya Sabha said so while addressing a press meet at the Reporters Club Nepal on Surnday morning.

“It is upto Nepalese people and political parties on how to hold CA elections by bringing all the dissenting political parties into confidence,” he said adding that India was expressing its compliments to the Nepalese people to hold CA election on the proposed date.

Speaking at the program presided by the Club’s president Rishi Dhamala, Prasad said that India and other nations looked forward to see democracy flourish in Nepal and does not supports any types of governance or constitutional model. ” These are things that Nepalese people and political parties will decide, all we are looking forward is that democracy and republicanism should flourish in Nepal by ending the present status quo.”

He said that it is Nepal’s political parties and Nepalese people’s task to decide a date for CA elections and added that India is always ready to support Nepalese endeavors for it.

Stating Indian people, government and political parties fully respected sovereignty, integrity and unity he stressed on the need of increased cooperation between both nations to see tangible development in educational, social, economical, health and other sectors in Nepal.

On the occasion, he stressed on fostering cultural relativity between both nations on the basis of mutual respect.