Sarita Giri’s undeterred health conditions’ secret busted

Sarita Giri at the reporters club Nepal (File Photo)

KATHMANDU: President of Nepal Sadbhavana Party, Sarita Giri has been on fasting for the past two weeks and still she is as fresh as any other ordinary person taking regular meals. How? This question tickled in every every ones mind who has been keeping an eye on her struggle and who have met her.

The secret has been busted out. And the secret is honey and water. Yes, she herself has revealed that she takes honey and water regularly with CPN Maoist Chairman Matrika Yadav.

Matrika had recently visited Giri to expresss his party’s solidarity to her campaign and to inquire about her health.

But he was also shocked to see Sarita in her usual charm. After a short discussion on both parties collaboration, which Yadav trashed citing ideological differences between them, the discussions moved to her health.

In his usual humurous style, Yadav asked her about the secret of her undettered health. Sarita was prompt of her answer, ” I take honey with water”.

Doctors have said that honey is a rich source of carbohydrates, protein and minerals and its regular use provides body with necessary vital suppliments.

In a different context, Giri has expressed her indifference towards Nepalese newspaper stating that the whole of the print media has been biased towards her campaign in not giving it due coverage.

She denied to pass any comments on her fasting and campaign to Bhuwan Sharma, a journalist associated with the Nayapatrika Dainik citing the same reason.