Limbuwan activist scuffle with Janmorcha cadres in Illam


KATHMANDU: Rashtriya Janamorcha Party and Limbuwan State Council cadres has scuffle in Fikal of Illam on Thursday following a heated discussion over federalism.

Limbuwan cadres tried to disrupt the otherwise peacefull gathering of Janamorcha party stating that they were promoting anti-federalism. The scuffle was brought under control by the police later on.

“Limbuwan activist interfered in our program. We were attacked when we expressed that federalism cannot benefit the nation,” Ram Bahadur Buda, leader of the Janamorcha party stated.

Sanjuhang Palaungwa led LSC activist had taken control of our speakers and other equipments denying us to hold a rally said Buda adding that they concluded their program after the police interferred.