NSC says Friday’s earthquake had its epicenter in Jiri, not China

KATHMANDU:  The National Seismological Center (NSC) has denied that the epicenter of Friday nights earthquake was in China as reported by the American Geological Society.

NSC said that the earthquake that shook the capital on Friday night had its epicenter 60 Kms north of Jiri, Dolakha and confirmed that the earthquake measured 6.o on the Richter Scle.

The quake had sent capital residents out of the house in the middle of night, with an aftershock at around 11.40 minutes, local time.

Earlier report on this news portal reported that the magnitude of the earthquake was 4.9 on the Richter scale with its epicenter in 3km NNW of Chongdui, China.

However, NSC corrected the report and claimed that the epicenter of the earthquake is 330 KM north of Kathmandu.