NC and UML leaders stress on bringing CPN Maoist into confidence

CPN UML leader Pradeep Gyanwali and other leaders at the Reporters Club Nepal on Sunday.

KATHMANDU: Influential leaders of Nepali Congress and CPN UML have stressed on bringing CPN Maoist and other dissenting parties into confidence even by holding round table conference.

Speaking at the interaction program organized by the Reporters Club Nepal on Sunday, NC leader Narayan Khadka stated that the CPN Maoist has shown flexibility in the recent days and argued that the major parties should also respond flexibly.

He opined that the major parties should be ready to respond to the dissenting parties demand for a round table conference.

“The CPN Maoist has shown flexibility on its demand of not holding CA elections on November 19, now major parties should be ready to discuss their other demands,” Khadka said at the program presided by the Club’s President Rishi Dhamala.

He claimed that that the round table conference is not a complex demand and warned that not addressing such a demand might bring much complex scenario during the CA elections if they are held without bringing those dissenting parties into confidence.

Khadka further argued that holding CA elections without the CPN Maoist, and drafting the new constitution without them will be even more problematic for the major parties to handle.

Similarly CPN UML leader Pradeep Gyanwali also seconded Khadka’s opinion while expressing ignorance on why the agreement to hold round table conference was foiled all of a sudden.

However Gyanwali criticized the CPN Maoists’ warning of drafting the constitution from outside the Constituent Assembly, of its ties with the pro-monarchists and its preparation for conflict under the hood of boycott.

He said the recent decisions and ties of the CPN Maoist have been casting serious doubts over its intentions to go for CA elections and institutionalize democracy.