Sujata stresses on adjusting CA polls

Nepali Congress leader and former deputy prime minister Sujata Koirala (File Photo)

BIRATNAGAR: Nepali Congress leader Sujata Koirala has argued for deferring the proposed Constituent Assembly (CA) elections date to acoomodate the demands of the dissenting political parties’ demand.

Speaking at a program in Biratnagar, Koirala argued that the major political parties should consider it if it brings the dissenting 33-party alliance into the election process.

Stressing on the need to hold CA elections in consensus, Sujata expressed astonishment as to why the lead political parties were unwilling to hold talks with the dissident political parties.

“So, all opposing forces should be brought into consensus by deferring the poll date and holding round-table,” Koirala said.

In a different note, Koirala expressed reservations against the recommendations for the party’s candidate for the upcoming CA elections made by party’s district and regional committees.

Terming these recommendations as wrongful, Koirala expressed fear that they will further weaken the party’s position in the second constituent assemblye elections.