Nepal War Crimes: Adhikari couple’s fast-unto-death sending tremors

Nanda Prasad and Ganga Maya Adhikari, parents of late Krishna Prasad Adhikari at Bir Hospital ICU after they denied to take food unless murderers of their son are brought to justice.

KATHMANDU: Late Krishna Prasad Adhikari’s parents, Nanda Prasad and Ganga Maya Adhikari, who have been on fasting for the past one and half month, have sent tremors across all state bodies.

The couple has been under medical supervision at the Bir Hospital ICU and their health has been deteriorting day by day. However state organs and political parties are still at odds over addressing their demands- bringing their sons’ murders to justice.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court intervened in the case and ordered authorities to break the Adhikari couple’s hunger strike even by resorting to force.

Responding to a writ petition, the SC had ordered the governemnt for taking all measures to break the couple’s hunger strike to an end.

Prior to this Chairman of the Interim Council of Minster, Khila Raj Regmi had recently pledged to deliver justice and ordered respective authorties to bring all the accused to book.

However, on Tuesday the UCPN Maoist leaders had warned the Regmi and his council of ministers for keeping away from the case arguing that the issue was related to war crimes and should be addressed through the formation of a special justice mechanism- Transitional Justice Mechanism.

A resident of Gorkha district, Krishna Prasad was abducted from Chitwan and murdered by the Maoist rebels ruthlessly in 2004.