Mahato rules changes of guard uncless CA election

Sadbhavana Party Chairman Rajendra Mahato welcoming new members to the party at the Reporters Club Nepal on Friday, September 13, 2013

KATHMANDU: Sadbhavana Party President Rajendra Mahato has ruled out the possibility of forming new government unless the Constituent Assembly elections are held.

Speaking at a program organized by his party at the Reporters Club Nepal to welcome new entrants to the party, Mahato said his party had opted to participate in the CA elections held by the incumbent government.

He said that the party would not tolerate any activities that are aimed at foiling the CA elections on any pretext- including change of the government.

He opined that the CA elections should not be deferred in the pretext of brining any political party – including the CPN Maoist – in the political mainstream.

He called on CPN Maoist leaders to participate in the CA elections and share their views with the people as a democratic party rather than staying out of the democratic process.

On the occassion, Mahato welcomed many new entrants to the party.