UNSG Ban urges Regmi to hold CA elections by bringing dissenters into confence

KATHMANDU: United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has stressed on the need to hold Constituent Assembly (CA) elections by bringing all dissenting political parties into confidence.

Moon made such a suggestion to Chairman of Interim Election Council Khil Raj Regmi during their meeting at the UN headquarters on Saturday, held on the sidelines of the ongoing 68th United Nations General Assembly.

Regmi, in turn tried to assure Moon that the government and the High Level Political Committee is doing its best to bring all the dissenting parties into confidence to participate in the CA elections slated for November 19.

The duo also discussed ongoing preparations for holding the CA elections, achievements made in concluding the peace process and recent dialogues on gaining political stability in the nation, a statement issued by the UN Permanent Resident Mission said.

“Chairman Regmi stated that preparations for the November 19 elections were going on in full swing, and the election would take place on the stipulated date. He stated that 90 percent of the parties and the people were in favour of polls.” the statement reads.