Parties escalate efforts to finalize candidates

KATHMANDU: With the deadline to register candidates for the upcoming Constituent Assembly elections looming near, political parties have escalated efforts to finalize their list of candidates- both under the proportional and direct electoral system.

Nepali Congress has plans to finalize all its electoral candidates for the direct system by today, sources near the party confirmed.

The parliamentary committee meeting of the party is continuing discussions today also and is expected to finalize the list by evening.

UCPN Maoist, which has so far finalized its candidate for 40 electoral constitutencies, is expected to make public its list.

Party’s senior leadership is presently under discussion at the party chairman’s residence.

Meanwhile, CPN UML’s meeting that has been undergoing for the past three days at the Gokarna Forest Resort, is expected to finalize its list of candidates today.

similarly Madesh based parties and other fringe parties are also expected to finalize their candidate list.