Pun confident of bagging 180 seats in direct elections

Nepal's Finance Minister Barsha Man Pun at the Reporters Club Nepal

KATHMANDU: UCPN Maoist leader Barsha Man Pun has claimed that the party will win 180 seats under the direct election systems in the upcoming Constituent Assembly elections.

Speaking at the Reporters Club Nepal on Sunday, Pun said that research carried out by the party backs his claim and elaborated that as per statistics presented in the report, party’s win in 90 seats is sure in present scenario.

He further added that his party is in competition in other 90 constituencies and added that his party is looking to implement a forward plan in the remaining 60 constituencies, while speaking at the program presided by the Club’s president Rishi Dhamala.

Elaborating on his party’s election plan, Pun said that the party is confident of wining majority seats in the upcoming elections and leading the post CA government.
Pun said that ethnicity, federalism with historicity, inclusive, participative people-centered democracy, economic development with social justice, etc will be his party’s major agenda.

Speaking at the same program, Nepali Congress leader Ram Sharan Mahat said that the government should be responsible for providing security to election candidates and the general public.

He called on government for immediately bringing all those involved in the recent attack on UML candidate Muhammad Alam.

On the occasion, Mahat said that his party would prevail in the upcoming CA elections while stating that the public have already seen the UCPN Maoist, CPN UML and the Madhesh based parties.

Mahat said that due to his party’s middle patch and balanced approach, it will bag majority of the seats under the direct elections system.