RPP proposes republic state with executive PM


KATHMANDU – Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) has proposed a federal republican model with constitutional president and an executive prime minister elected from the House as its form of governance in its manifesto, made public on Monday.

Along with that the party has proposed a bicameral legislature parliament and has proposed that the federal model will have three levels of governance– central government, provincial government and the local government.

The manifesto has proposed for restructuring the nation into 7 federal provinces based on capacity, identity, geography and historical background of the states- two in Madhesh and five in hilly and mountain region. The demarcation of these states, the manifesto says, will be decided through discussions with other political parties.

The party has also pledge to ensure voting rights, regular election, mixed electoral system, complete press freedom and independent judiciary in the constitution to be drafted.