UML’s CA election manifesto rolls out, proposes 7 federal states

KATHMANDU: The third largest party in the erstwhile Constituent Assembly (CA), CPN UML, unvieled its manifesto for the upcoming CA election on Tuesday.

The manifesto has pledged that the party will stand in favor of seven province federal model based on multiple identity, directly elected prime minister as head of government and ceremonial president elected from the Parliament.

The proposed seven provinces are —Limbuwan-Kirat-Koshi, Tamsaling-Newa-Bagmati, Magrat-Tamuwan-Gandak, Bheri-Karnali, Seti-Mahakali, Tharuhat-Awadh-Limbuwan and Mithila-Bhojpura-Janakpur.

Along with that the party has committed itself to opt for referendum for any issues that fail to garner intra-party consensus in the CA.

In the area of national development, the party has laid focus on addressing energy issue of the country. It has promised to end power crisis in the capital within a year and across the sub-municipalities nation within two years.

The plan includes production of 10,000 MW power within the next 10 years and 5000 MW energy within the next 5 years.

The party has also vowed not to organise any bandas and to hold talks to resolve all the issues and demands.

Party Chairman Jhalnath Khanal unvieled the manifesto amid a special program in the capital, attended by other party leaders. It was prepared by a committee led party secretary Ishwor Pokhrel.