Dissident parties decide to go offensive from Tuesday, leaders to go underground

CPN Maoist Break Ballot box Nepal

KATHMANDU: The agitating 33 political parties led by the CPN Maoist has decided to opt for offensive from Tuesday to make its ongoing anti-Constituent Assembly member elections campaign effective.

A meeting of the alliance members in the capital on Monday decided to launch semi-covert operations and to even give arrests in doing so.

Chairman of Bahujatiya Samabesi Party, Shankar Thapa said that leaders have decided to underground after concluding that the government was preparing to arrest leaders affiliated to the alliance.

Similarly the alliance has decided to organize mass rallies across the nation to understand the public sentiment and to mobilize them against the CA elections.

The alliance has concluded to break through all restricted areas and zones during the election time and stage protests.

The meeting concluded that the government has presented itself in a regressive form and concluded to foil the CA elections at any cost.