Commissioner denies reviewing CA election process


KATHMANDU: Election Commissioner Ayodhi Prasad Yadav has denied negotiations with anyone regarding the process adopted by the Commission for vote counting and its process to announce the vote count results.

Speaking at an interaction program organized by the Reporters Club Nepal on Sunday, Yadav called on the UCPN Maoist for not insulting people’s choice by not pressing for reviewing the CA election process.

He stated that the CA election were historically impartial and independent and suggested to move ahead by accepting the results while speaking at the program presided by the Club’s President Rishi Dhamala.

Yadav said that the Commission has securely kept all election materials not used in the elction but denied to provide access to any political parties as and when demanded. He suggested any unsatisfied party to knock on the doors of Constituent Assembly Election Court for justice, if they feel being victimized. He said that EC will present evidence if the court asks it to provide.

Stating that the election management, voting and vote counting are credible, Yadav ruled out the possibility of changing ballot boxes, as accused by the UCPN Maoist.