Lead party tryst fails to resolve contentions, talks continue

KATHMANDU: Lead political parties – Nepali Congress, CPN UML and the UCPN Maoist- have failed to corner differences on major ongoing political contentions- HLPC continuation, formation of commission to probe CA elections.

A joint meeting of senior leaders from all the three parties on Saturday failed to reach consensus on retaining or dissolving the High Level Political Mechanism (HLPC).

While UCPN Maoist and Nepali Congress stressed on its continuation with a renewed mandate, the CPN UML leaders denied to retain it. NC and UCPN Maoist stressed that the HLPC should be in function untill the new CA comes into function and paves way for the formation of a new government.

Parties remained apart on the UCPN Maoist demands to probe the CA elections through the formation of an independent commission.

While NC and UML leaders stressed on forming a parliamentary panel, after the CA is assembled, to probe the alleged poll rigging, the UCPN Maoist remained adamant on investigating the issue through a high level commission.

UML leader Raghujee Panta said that his party and NC told the meeting that the November 19 polls could not be questioned by any commission.

However the UCPN Maoist leaders warned to break away from consensus politics, if their demand for commission was not accepted by NC and CPN UML.
However, all parties agreed to own already agreed upon issues of the new constitution by the erstwhile CA.

Senior leaders of these political parties are scheduled to hold one-to-one meeting on Sunday to resolve contentions.