Indian leader says Nepal can be Hindu State if Nepali want


KATHMANDU: -Bharatiya Janata Party’s Vice-President Bhagat Singh Koshiyari has said that Nepal can be a Hindu nation only if Nepali citizen demand for it from the Constituent Assembly.

Speaking at the Reporters Club Nepal in Kathmandu on Monday, Kosiyari said “Nepal can’t be a Hindu a state if Bharatiya Janata Party leaders Narendra Modi or to Raj Nath Singh wish it.”

At the interaction program presided by the Club’s president Rishi Dhamala, he said that his party has not held any discussions on reinstating Hinduism as a state religion.

“We have not given enough thought about to establish Hinduism here in Nepal so far. We will stay as good wishers for Nepal. It is sure that Hinduism in Nepal can be established only if Nepali wish for it,” Kosiyari said while clarifying that Modi and Singh had never said to establish Hinduism here in Nepal.

He further elaborated that domination of Hindu customs in Nepal has retained it as a Hindu state, even though its officially a secular nation to respect all other religions within the nation.

While congratulating Nepali people for holding free, fair and peaceful CA elections, he said that the Nepali political parties should move ahead by forming a consensus government, as called on for by the recently held CA poll results.

He said that Nepali leaders should focus on development issues by concluding the constitution drafting process and pledged to take initiatives for holding bilateral dialogues among leaders of both nations for constructing the Pancheswor Dam.

Elaborating on the huge contribution that the Pancheswor project could make in Nepal’s development, Khusiyari stressed that Nepal should brace up for benefiting from its immense natural resources including the tourism sector.

While suggesting on forming a consensus government for easing the constitution drafting process, he said that Nepal should go for any federal model that meets the aspirations and development needs of the nation.

During his visit in Kathmandu, Koshiyari has been holding dialogue with civil society members, law experts, ministers, chairman of the Interim Council Minister, President and major political party leaders.