The Good Day Never Comes, Start Investing: Mahato

NRN Founder President Dr. Upendra Mahato .(File Photo)

Pokhara Rudra Bahadur Karki— NRN Founder President Dr. Upendra Mahato has requested entrepreneurs for investing in Nepal’s peace and prosperity without waiting for the suitable time.

While speaking at the program organized by FNCCI Chapter of Pokhara entitled the Program “Which Country is without Problems”, Mahato said that No good day will comes to us for investment if we wait for it. For this we have to invest in time. He shared his views that the condition of Russia in 1990 era when he started his investment was really bad than the Nepal.

He added that investment climate for Nepali investors might get ugly if big foreigner investors will active to launch their investments programs in Nepal. He said,” Foreigners are in look out for a proper time to invest in Nepal.” If they start investing in Nepal then it will be a hard time for Nepal’s middle class entrepreneurs. He claimed that “NRNs will be successful invest in the field of hydropower, tourism, education and agricultures.

Requesting to his business colleagues to develop the spirit of collective investment, Dr. Mahato said that the major tasks of developing physical infrastructures including road and electricity should be provided by the government of Nepal.

He insisted on developing the spirit of joint investment among Nepalese to make Nepal as prosperous nation and claimed middle class Nepalese should believe in each other for initiating huge development projects.

Praising the Natural beauty of Pokhara, Dr. Mahat urged Pokhara participants to start their own business. Pokhara has a maximum possibilities of development, he said.