Prachanda denies to step down as party chairman

BIRATNAGAR: UCPN-Maoist’s Supremo Pushpa Kamal Dahal “Prachanda” has said that he won’t resign from the party chairman in the current condition. He argued that his resignation from the post in the present condition would bring more problems.

Prchanda’s statement comes at a time when leaders sharing affinity with Vice Chairman Baburam Bhattarai have been voicing from Prachanda’s resignation from the party.

Speaking to journalist at the Biratnagar airport on Sunday, en route to Ilam, Prachanda said, “It would be better to hold serious discussions on issues surrounding the dismal performance of the party during the CA election and of reforming party leadership. But this is not the appropriate time to make changes in the party leadership.”

“We all should bear our mistakes and move ahead concentrating on efforts to promulgate the new constitution within promised time and on the process to ensure the establishment of the people’s right in Federalism.

Responding to questions from journalist, Prachanda refuted the claims that his party’s leadership is like that of Stalin and termed such notion-holders as bourgeois communists.

On a different note, he said that Nepali Congress should take initiation to form new government and added that Congress leaders should be more serious on this matter.

Central Committee members Gopal Kirati and Barsha Man Pun also accompanied Prachanda to attend the invitation of Kirat Dharma Guru Aatmanda Lingden.