NC and UML nail down power sharing bottlenecks

nepali congress president sushil koirala

TARA BAHADUR KATUWAL, KATHMANDU, February 24. Nepali Congress and UML have finally settled the power-sharing after the long debate and controversy over the demanding of the Home portfolio. Both parties have agreed to have its final image of the cabinet on today.

After an hour long meeting between both parties over the power sharing, finally they have reached out to share the portfolio. According to the leaders involved in the inter-party negotiations, Congress and UML have decided to lead 10 ministries each and give six ministries to small political parties.

According to source, Congress party will lead the ministries of Defense, Finance, Information and Communication, Education, Local Development, Physical Planning and Works, Peace and Reconstruction, Law, Justice and Parliamentary affairs, and Irrigation.

Likewise UML will lead the ministries of Home Affairs, Foreign Affairs, General Administration, Health, Energy, Tourism, Forest, Youth and Sports, Agriculture, and Land Reforms and Management.

As per the agreement, RPP and CPN (ML) will get one ministry each, and four other ministries will be distributed among other parties after holding negotiations with them.

UML agreed to join the government after Prime Minister Sushil Koirala decided to give home portfolio to UML.