New Finance Policy in the Offing: Fin Min Dr. Mahat

Kathmandu: Newly appointed Minister for Finance Dr. Ramsharan Mahat has said that the government has started its homework for bringing the new policy and program. He said , “Prime Minister Sushil Koirala has returned from his five-days visit of BIMSTEC, so we will bring the new policy and program of the government within one or two days later. Probably we will publish our policy and program by this Saturday.”

Speaking at the interaction program organized by the Reporters’ Club Nepal on Thursday, Dr. Mahat has argued that this government is mainly concentrating to support the process of constitution making, controlling corruption, good governance and economic prosperity and on institutionalizing the peace process.

Minister Dr. Mahat said, “This government is actively concentrating on finalizing the remaining task of peace process. We will do our best to enhance the livelihood of peoples by focusing on agenda of economic development,” while speaking at the function presided by Reporters’ Club Nepal’s president Rishi Dhamala.

Dr. Mahat stressed that the current government will bring the new policy and program by putting the agenda of economic development, good governance, and election for the local body on the center. He said, “This government has taken the strategy for reducing the load shedding within two years.” He added that for the same task the government will begin the project of Upper Karnali, West Seti, Upper Trishuli, Arun 3rd and Upper Arun soo.

Dr. Mahat has claimed that the government will develop in the field of Hydropower by Economic revolution. Dr. Mahat informed that the foreigners are interested to invest in the field of Hydropower. He committed that the government is doing its exercise for bringing the full phage budget on timely.

He stressed that the coming budget will neither be based on capitalism nor communism or socialism but will be democratic socialist and madyamargi budget. He informed that government will bring the code of conduct for the conducting of government along with the new policy and program. Minister Mahat said, “the government has rejected the concern of postpone for the election of local body.” He put his opinion that after the nation entered in the federalism, there’re the great noises of changing the structures of the local body but we are not in a mood of postpone the election of local body.

Dr. Mahat has stressed that the current government is ready to hold the election of local body within six months. Putting his strong commitment of ending the task of peace process and conclude, the government will enhance to build and continue the Commission for the Truth and Reconciliation .

In another concern of the nomination of 26 lawmaker from the cabinet, Dr. Mahat argued that the government will immediately start its dialogue over the concern of the nomination of 26 members. He put his objection that the cabinet couldn’t get chance to discuss in such a issue as we had only preceded our cabinet meeting two times. He committed that the upcoming meeting of the cabinet will conclude this issues soon.