Govt committed to curb corruption: Minister Singh

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for the Local Development Prakash Man Singh

KAPILBASTU: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for the Local Development, Prakash Man Singh has said that this government is committed to make Nepal as a zero-corruption nation.

Speaking at the inaugurating program of the bridge joining Balrampur and Hariharpur of Kapilbastu, DPM and Minister for Local Development Singh has said that the nation first should become free from the corruption. He said, “Unless nation free from the corruption, Nation won’t become with the good governance so we need to focus on the making country free from the deep routed problem of nation (Corruption).”

He stressed that this government is people elected government and will address the problems of the peoples soon. He focused that for the welfare of the public there is essential of the election for the local body within six months as per the agreement done between NC & UML. He informed that the government has started its homework for holding the election of the local body time.

Minister Singh has also claimed to establish to those peoples who have been under the victims of the 10 years long insurgency and displaced peoples in the society.