KC slams Koirala govt of being undemocratic

NC leader Arjun Narsingh KC speaking at the Reporters Club Nepal on Friday, Jan 17,2014. (photo Mukunda Kalikote)

KATHMANDU: Nepali Congress Central Committee member Arjun Narsingh KC has claimed that the incumbent Sushil Koirala led government had been moving ahead in ‘undemocratic manner’.
Speaking at the Nepal Presss Union Sunsari’s convention, KC said, “despite the fact that PM Koirala has been an avid believer of democracy, his government has been directed by external forces instead of the party.”
He said that the government has failed to discuss even crucial issues within the party and has been moving ahead in unilateral manner . He slammed the government for preparing government’s policy and programmes out of the parliament and accused that even the ministers representing the party have been acting as the party itself in making decisions.
“Instead of moving ahead by forging consensus, the government has not been consulting the party itself. This has created problems for the government and the party itself.”